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SMS Marketing

6 SMS Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

SMS Marketing is gaining huge popularity. With almost every consumer having a mobile in his pocket, SMS is now one of the fastest, instant and effective ways to reach out to the consumer. Businesses both offline and online are using SMS marketing to gain and grow their business. Like any other marketing campaign, to get maximum returns out of your investment in Text SMS marketing, you need to optimise your campaigns. Below are the six SMS marketing tips small businesses [...]

Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS

Differences between transactional and promotional SMS?

As per the TRAI regulations, BULK SMS messages are classified into promotional and transactional messages. Below are the key point differences between both routes. Transactional SMS Transactional SMS is used to send any kind of information which is important to customer or customer has opted to receive such information. Example of transactional messages are OTP, Airline PNR/Tickets, School Alerts, Financial Transaction Alerts, delivery updates, order confirmations, payment confirmations, renewal reminders, appointment alerts etc. There is no filter on transactional SMS. Even DND listed [...]

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