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Benefits of Bulk SMS for Tour & Travel Agents

Bulk SMS is now an important notification tool in any industry. The advantage of SMS notification is that it’s read instantly. One such industry is travel & tourism. Indian tourism industry has grown over many folds in the past few years. With the on-going campaigns by the Ministry of Tourism, the tours and travel Industry can benefit hugely from bulk SMS service for travel agents. How does Tour & Travel Agents benefit from Bulk SMS? SMS notifications help travel agents streamline [...]

sms marketing tips for startups

6 SMS Marketing Tips for Startups

Any enterprise that wants to increase its customer base by sending mobile messages should keep certain basic marketing rules in mind. When it is a startup, knowing such marketing tips becomes all the more important. Today, we reveal 6 most important SMS marketing tips, especially for the startups. 1. Do not send messages without permission – This is one golden rule which all companies must follow. You should send messages to your prospective customers only when you have received their permission [...]

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