6 SMS Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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6 SMS Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

SMS Marketing is gaining huge popularity. With almost every consumer having a mobile in his pocket, SMS is now one of the fastest, instant and effective ways to reach out to the consumer. Businesses both offline and online are using SMS marketing to gain and grow their business. Like any other marketing campaign, to get maximum returns out of your investment in Text SMS marketing, you need to optimise your campaigns. Below are the six SMS marketing tips small businesses can use to get maximum returns.

1. Start building customer lists.
Building customer lists with their email and mobile should be the must do activity of any business. Whether the customer buys from you or not, try to get him/her on your list. This should be a golden rule and make it a religious habit of following this rule.

2. Create a lucrative offer for your customers.
Create offers which your customers can’t deny. Put yourself in your customer’s shoe and think what will make him/her to buy your product or service and design your offers that way. Timing of offers is also very important.

3. Ask for referrals & send personalised offers.
Do not hesitate to ask referrals from your happy customers. Personalise message and send it to those referrals. You will definitely get very high conversions from this activity.

4. Do not spam with irritating messages.
The most irritating thing is getting bombarded with messages that are irrelevant. The frequency of message should be optimised based on your customer group and feedback. Messages should be relevant and to the point. Do not spam should be another rule in your books.

5. Wish them on their birthdays with personalised discount offer.
When you receive birthday wishes, it makes you happy. The same thing is with your customers. Send them birthday wishes text message and if you can combine your wishes with a personalised offer, it will be an icing on the cake. You can actually automate all this process using SMS4g.in product PromoEngine™. Get in touch with us for details about this.

6. Measure your response and optimise.
Measure your campaigns. Tracking will help you optimise more. Statistics have proven that slight tweaks in campaigns can play a great role in success or failure of campaigns. Doing split testing with variable timings and proven copywriting techniques plays important role in high returns. PromoEngine™ is ready to use tool specially designed for small to medium size business to create, optimise and track campaigns.

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