Benefits of Bulk SMS for coaching classes

Benefits of Bulk SMS for coaching classes

Benefits of Bulk SMS for coaching classes

Today, the world has come at our fingertips, thanks to the smartphones. We can reach out to anybody, anywhere with the new technological updates of several messaging apps. And as we struggle to balance the personal and professional life; striking balance and being updated about child’s academic needs and wants is also of an utmost important factor to the new age parents.

In order to meet these requirements, coaching classes can make use of the bulk SMS system to provide information about the each parent registered with them every academic year. Bulk SMS reaches out instantly and helps parents also to venture the required time, interest and keep a check with minute details.

Bulk SMS proves to be a savior when any institution has to leash out messages to several parents related to academics, timetables, fees and accounts settlement, test modules, monthly meetings, syllabus or results updates, holidays or extra classes.

Focused below are the benefits of Bulk SMS for Coaching Classes:

1. Addressing Change in timetable, fixing up extra classes
Any institute can save lot of time and money by engaging in sending Bulk SMS to parents about the sudden changes in timetable a day prior at least in case of any emergency, complete up certain syllabus or re-explaining a particular concept or for practice.

2. Settling of accounts
Coaching institutes can send timely reminders to parents regarding the payments of fees, collection of receipts or in case of any extra payments required to enroll or buy any study materials etc.

3. Weekly / Monthly Test series
Parents can be updated about the latest test series be conducted which will help them keep a check about their wards’ studies.

4. Discounts / Offers / Enrollments
Institutes can start promotion about next academic year’s enrollment dates through Bulk SMS. Through this various offers and discounts can be highlighted to increase the sales.

5. PRE & POST assessments meetings
An academic calendar set at the beginning of the year helps to give timely reminders through SMS notifications so as to let the parents schedule their work and attend the meetings.

6. Holidays / Cancellation of holidays/class
Parents can be notified on a regular basis about the fixed holidays or cancellation of a certain holiday in case needed to complete syllabus or if required for extra practice. Also, they can be reached through Bulk SMS if a particular class is going to be cancelled due to any reason.
E.g. teacher absent, bad weather conditions

Promotions and Sales are mandatory for any kind of business. Using Bulk SMS system to reach out to several clients at one click always keeps you at an upper hand and saves time and efforts both. Hence considering the benefits of Bulk SMS for coaching classes it is needless to say that its need of an hour.

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