Benefits of Bulk SMS for coaching classes

Benefits of Bulk SMS for coaching classes

Today, the world has come at our fingertips, thanks to the smartphones. We can reach out to anybody, anywhere with the new technological updates of several messaging apps. And as we struggle to balance the personal and professional life; striking balance and being updated about child’s academic needs and wants is also of an utmost important factor to the new age parents. In order to meet these requirements, coaching classes can make use of the bulk SMS system to provide [...]

Benefits of Bulk SMS for Tour & Travel Agents

Bulk SMS is now an important notification tool in any industry. The advantage of SMS notification is that it’s read instantly. One such industry is travel & tourism. Indian tourism industry has grown over many folds in the past few years. With the on-going campaigns by the Ministry of Tourism, the tours and travel Industry can benefit hugely from bulk SMS service for travel agents. How does Tour & Travel Agents benefit from Bulk SMS? SMS notifications help travel agents streamline [...]

sms marketing tips for startups

6 SMS Marketing Tips for Startups

Any enterprise that wants to increase its customer base by sending mobile messages should keep certain basic marketing rules in mind. When it is a startup, knowing such marketing tips becomes all the more important. Today, we reveal 6 most important SMS marketing tips, especially for the startups. 1. Do not send messages without permission – This is one golden rule which all companies must follow. You should send messages to your prospective customers only when you have received their permission [...]

SMS Marketing

6 SMS Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

SMS Marketing is gaining huge popularity. With almost every consumer having a mobile in his pocket, SMS is now one of the fastest, instant and effective ways to reach out to the consumer. Businesses both offline and online are using SMS marketing to gain and grow their business. Like any other marketing campaign, to get maximum returns out of your investment in Text SMS marketing, you need to optimise your campaigns. Below are the six SMS marketing tips small businesses [...]

Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS

Differences between transactional and promotional SMS?

As per the TRAI regulations, BULK SMS messages are classified into promotional and transactional messages. Below are the key point differences between both routes. Transactional SMS Transactional SMS is used to send any kind of information which is important to customer or customer has opted to receive such information. Example of transactional messages are OTP, Airline PNR/Tickets, School Alerts, Financial Transaction Alerts, delivery updates, order confirmations, payment confirmations, renewal reminders, appointment alerts etc. There is no filter on transactional SMS. Even DND listed [...]

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