Managed Campaigns

Managed SMS & Email Marketing

A successful email & SMS marketing campaign requires proper planning & conversion tactics to get maximum views & open rates. Effective campaigns require planning, identifying audience and segmenting lists, copywriting and proven conversion tactics to get maximum views.

Does SMS Marketing works?

With almost all consumers having a phone in their hands, SMS is one of the instant ways to reach out to your potential customers. Mobile phones are everywhere. People use them constantly, whether at home, office or college or travelling. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

This is one reason, why businesses both small and large, are taking advantage of this platform and added SMS marketing as one of the important marketing tool in their program. has taken the SMS marketing to a level further. We have combined email marketing campaign along with SMS marketing. Research has proven that 42% of people are now reading emails on their smartphones. So an effective email followed by irresistible SMS message will increase the rate of conversions by a huge percentage.

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